The Boomer and Carton radio program welcomes all its listeners and callers. Everyone is part of the show. However, not EVERY caller is well received by the masses.

One in particular, Kelly in Nutley, chimed in this morning to question why nobody likes hearing her on the radio. Craig points out that it might have to do with the fact that her voice is…well…annoying. Bang!

Call it a goofy mood, or maybe he wanted to drown out Kelly, but Craigie busted out into a nice little song. This prompted the gang to talk about the music selection that B&C use to get pumped up for the radio program. Craig couldn’t help but notice that his partner has switched to opera music, taking a page from Eddie Scozzare’s playbook. Let’s be honest, in Craig’s mind anything is better than Boomer’s normal selection of Steve Miller Band and other ’80s acts.

That’s right!

LISTEN: Kelly In Nutley Makes Craig Want To Sing


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