Manning Hails High-Performing Giant Backups

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Eli Manning joined Mike Francesa on Friday to chat about the Giants’ flawless victory over the Carolina Panthers on Thursday.

Manning discussed less-heralded Giants stepping up and performing while starters such as Ahmad Bradshaw, Hakeem Nicks and David Diehl were injured.

Listen: Eli Joins Mike Francesa On Friday

“I was confident in the guys that we had.  Guys stepped up.  Andre Brown played tremendous.  I thought he played great the week before,” Manning said on Friday.

Brown took command in Bradshaw’s absence and rushed for 113 yards on 20 carries.

Manning continued, “Ramses played strong and made a lot of big catches.  The offensive line really protected well.  Really everybody on the field knew the gameplan well and just played outstanding.”

A number of players including Brown, Barden and Martellus Bennett had big performances against the Panthers on Thursday.

“Martellus Bennett is doing a lot of good things.  Andre Brown, same deal.  He’s been in this system for a number of years.  He took advantage of the opportunity and ran hard,” Manning explained.

Manning felt Brown’s contributions on the ground made his job a lot easier.

“We had a good gameplan and we weren’t in too many bad situations.  When you run the ball well, that makes the gameplan so much easier,” he said.

Barden could be developing into an important target for Manning as his size is a big advantage.  The 6’6″ receiver hauled 9 catches for 138 yards.

“You can put him in some different spots.  He can play outside.  If you went four wides, he could play that tight end position.  Going over the middle, he’s just such a tall target who can go up and get the ball.  He’s real smart,” Manning stated.

Manning enjoyed the rare occasion of dominating an opponent.

“It was a fun situation, to go out there and just to dominate a game.  It doesn’t happen that often in the NFL,” he revealed to Francesa.

Manning and the Giants will now have the opportunity to rest up and prepare for their showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles on September 30.

How strong is the Giants’ depth and will it make a difference against the Eagles?  Let us know…

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