NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — October is “Dwarfism Awareness Month” and this year officials from Little People of America will mark the month by speaking out against discrimination against little people.

One in twenty thousand newborns is affected by dwarfism according to Michael Petruzzelli, the President of the Little People of America’s Long Island chapter.

The LPA has been airing a public service announcement all summer is focused on improving the lives of little people.

“We’re bringing awareness to stop bullying for kids and to make sure people are going for job interviews and college are not discriminated against,” Petruzzelli said.

Officials for the LPA said that they want to fight stereotypes and create equal opportunities for little people.

1010 WINS reporter Gary Baumgarten spoke with organizers…

“We get emails on a fairly regular basis from casting agencies saying ‘hey I’ve got this event coming up, I want a leprechaun’,” said National President Gary Arnold.

Arnold called the calls demeaning. The law prohibits against discriminating against little people but according to Arnold, it still happens.

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