By Joe Benigno
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Through three weeks of this NFL season, the only thing we have learned is what a disgrace the replacement refs have been and that Roger Goodell is a brutal commissioner. Pete Rozelle must be rolling over in his grave.

1. Houston Texans (2) 3-0
Houston continues to roll with a solid win in Denver. This may be NFL’s most complete team. Can anyone block J.J. Watt?

Next: vs. Titans

2. Arizona Cardinals (3) 3-0 
The Cards’ defense continues to impress. I think Kerry Rhodes just hit Michael Vick again. Nice bounceback game for Larry Fitzgerald in the thrashing of the Eagles. Who knew the NFC West was football’s best division?

Next: vs. Dolphins

3. Atlanta Falcons (4) 3-0 
Atlanta has shown that it’s the best team in the AFC West with their three wins coming against the Chiefs, Broncos and Chargers. The fun starts as the division-rival Panthers come to the Georgia Dome.

Next: vs. Panthers

4. New York Giants (7) 2-1
They showed why they are World Champions in total domination of the Panthers in Carolina. Does any team overcome injuries as well as these guys?

Next: @Eagles

5. San Francisco 49ers (1) 2-1
The Vikings reminded San Fran that you don’t win the Super Bowl after Week 2. It’s Time for Jim Harbaugh to tell his team to stop reading their press clippings.

Next: @ Jets

6. Baltimore Ravens (6) 2-1
Baltimore got a modicum of revenge with Sunday night’s win versus the team that beat them in last year’s AFC Title game. That was some performance by Torrey Smith, playing with a heavy heart after the tragic death of his brother the night before the Pats game. Should these guys be playing on Thursday night after playing on Sunday night? Nice work again, Roger.

Next: vs Browns

7. Cincinnati Bengals (unranked) 2-1 
Andy Dalton to A.J. Green is rapidly becoming the best young passing duo in the league. Mohamed Sanu can also throw it pretty well, just in case something happens to Andy.

Next: @ Jaguars

8. Seattle Seahawks (unranked) 2-1 
Yeah, I know that replacement refs handed Pete Carroll’s team a ‘W’ on Monday night. But honestly, Chris Clemons and Bruce Irvin assaulted Aaron Rodgers with eight sacks in the first half. Let’s face it, the Hawks have the best home-field advantage in the league.

Next: @ Rams

9. Dallas Cowboys (unranked) 2-1 
I’m far from sold on these guys after a lackluster home win versus the fighting Schiano’s. I still need to see some toughness from Jerry’s boys. A tough Monday nighter versus the Bears is coming up.

Next: vs Bears

10. Minnesota Vikings (unranked) 2-1
Minnesota (are you kidding?). Hey, they’re 2-1 and just beat the Niners. Any questions?

Next: @ Lions

And we have a new best team in the league, says Joe. Agree or disagree? Sound off with your thoughts and comments below…

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