NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — For the last 25 years, psychic medium John Edward has helped thousands with his ability to predict future events and communicate with those who have crossed over to the other side.

If that’s not enough, Edward is now getting ready to take on the battle between good and evil in his new book Fallen Masters.

He’s done it all – radio, TV, and he has his own private practice – meanwhile, Edward said it’s taken him about 10 years to get the new novel together.

“I love to tell stories, and I love to tell them through fiction,” Edward said.

How does he feel about the rising popularity of psychic mediums on television and in the media?

“I’m excited that the subject matter is in the forefront,” he said. “I always like people to look at the subject matter with a skeptical mindset. Question everything. cause if you question stuff, that means you’re an explorer, that can lead to discovery.”

Still, Edward admitted his profession doesn’t go over so well with everyone. He’s even been attacked.

“It’s hard when people try to define you when they don’t know you, or when they try to define your intentions, and the don’t know your heart.”

But it’s worth it.

“When people are helped and you’re able to be that conduit and you’re able to make a difference…I’ll take the bows and arrows or the bullets or the negativity for the family I can help.”

When it comes to his craft, tapping into another universe probably doesn’t happen the way you may think.

“I basically meditate and pray beforehand, and then I open myself up, and then whatever it is I’m seeing, hearing and feeling – it’s not a conversation like we’re speaking, it’s like playing psychic charades,” Edward said.

“So what I’m seeing in my mind, what I’m hearing, my thoughts, feelings that I get, they happen very rapidly, almost simultaneously. And then I have to kind of explain what I’m getting.”

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