NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Like all other Green Bay fans, Matt Fegarsky was irked beyond belief after Monday night’s loss.

But Fegarsky, who resides in Union City, N.J., also owns a small piece of the Packers.

And he’s determined to be heard regarding the league’s locked-out officials.

As shareholder No. 108686, Fegarsky implored Roger Goodell to “end this madness” in an email to the commissioner’s office and NFL spokesman Greg Aiello. He’s certain his missive was just one of many from furious football fans — and Packers part-owners — across the map.

“I’m going to keep writing until someone writes me back,” Fegarsky told, “or until this gets resolved.”

Furor over the replacement referees grew to a new level after Green Bay’s loss in prime time, decided by a controversial last-second touchdown to Seattle wide receiver Golden Tate.

Many thought it was a clear-cut interception by the Packers’ M.D. Jennings, but a simultaneous catch — awarded to the offense by rule — was called, upheld by replay officials and later supported by the NFL in a statement Tuesday.

“Mr. Goodell, I would please ask that the NFL make a real apology to The Green Bay Packers,” Fegarsky wrote. “If this statement by your office was the best you are going to do, I would have rather they made no comment at all.”

Fegarsky, who has a single share of the publicly owned Packers, said he felt a responsibility to speak out as a voice for a team without central ownership.

“Packers fans don’t have any major financial skin in the game,” he told “We’re the only true, unbiased owners in the league.”

His letter was also sent to a handful of teams, imploring some of the more outspoken owners in the sport to join the call from Packer backers.

“Bob (Kraft) and Jerry (Jones) if this happened to either of your teams you would be on the phones nonstop,” Fegarsky wrote. “Unfortunately, none of you are in my rolodex so I will ask you to please help me in this cause.”

Have you penned something similar and fired it off to the league? Tell us about it in the comments below…

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