“‘Change My Mind’ is somewhat about teetering on that edge of insanity,” explains singer Billy Ray Cyrus, in a behind-the-scenes segment about the newly released music video for his brand-new song. And, perhaps, it’s more than a little autobiographical as well.

Both the song and the video for “Change My Mind” are about a couple who’s going through some rough times together–something Billy Ray knows about personally, based on his off-and-on-again relationship with his real-life wife, Tish.

At the start of the video, Billy Ray, wearing a cowboy hat and plaid shirt, is fighting with his wife in front of a trailer. Eventually he’s had enough and drives off.

While contemplating whether or not to return to his wife, Billy drives past a woman having car trouble, and he suddenly decides to pick her up. As he sings about changing his mind, it’s unclear if Billy is referencing his marriage, or changing his mind about picking up a woman on the side of the road.

The song and the video perhaps hit a bit close to home, as Billy and his wife Tish have also experienced rough times in recent years, and even temporarily split (they’ve since gotten back together).

In the behind-the-scenes video, Billy doesn’t address any personal references specifically. However, he does say that “the song itself is a bit about life.” And musically, he says, it’s about “going back to your roots”–from “the bluegrass of Earl Scruggs to the rock and roll of Led Zeppelin.”

Michael Maxxis, director of the music video, explains that it was shot in the desert near Joshua Tree National Park in California. And the day was, as Billy Ray describes it, “smoking hot in more ways than one.”

The song is the title track of Billy Ray’s new album, which is due out Oct. 23 on Blue Cadillac Music.

-Ashley Quadros, KNCI/Sacramento

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