While he’s flying high seeing his new Endless Summer EP reach number one on the iTunes country charts, Jake Owen has more to celebrate these days than just his musical success.

The life of Jake the newlywed, in fact, is seemingly happening in overdrive. “It’s super cool we have our little girl on the way, so I’m really excited,” he told Charlotte station WSOC in an interview this week, about the pregnancy that he and his wife Lacey announced earlier this summer. “Why is it that nine months in any other time of your life seems like it take a year or longer but nine months when your wife is pregnant seems like it’s gone by in nine days,” he laughed before showing a bit of anxiety over the new impending fatherhood. “I’m constantly feeling like there’s something I need to do more, like I need to be more prepared when she comes along.”

Though there isn’t much he can do now but make Lacey more comfortable in her pregnancy (she’s due in November), he is over the moon about seeing his new baby girl being born. “Oh yeah, I”m gonna be there. That’s gonna be something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

It seems Jake Owen has accomplished a lot since signing his record deal with RCA seven years ago and just this week, he had a bit of a revelation.

“What’s wild is I joined a golf club yesterday…and it’s the same golf club I worked at when I came to town. It kind of all hit me yesterday, my new EP is coming out, my wife is expecting a child….” He says all this in such a way you can picture the smile on his face. And with seven years of life-changing moments under his belt, he has no problem making the statement everyone hopes to be able to say one day: “My life has come full circle.”

And speaking of golf, Jake revealed in another interview this week with Chicago station US99.5, part of the reason the sport has such appeal for him.

“The cool thing about golf is, unlike other sports, you can refresh yourself from hole-to-hole,” he explained. “I don’t know too many other sports where you can drink a beer when they call a timeout.”

Jake Owen’s Endless Summer EP is out now. Owen is also on tour this fall with supporting acts Florida Georgia Line and Love & Theft.

-Jodi Phillips The New 103.7/Charlotte

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