NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Who doesn’t know these characters?

Some people recognize Frank Oz as the voice behind Bert and Cookie Monster on Sesame Street. For others, he’s the voice of Miss Piggy and Fozzie on the Muppets, or Yoda in The Star Wars movies.

He’s also the great film director behind classics like Little Shop Of Horros.

The film’s ‘Director’s Cut’ arrives on Blu-Ray Oct. 9th, complete with the original ending to the film – which has never been seen before in color.

Oz joined The Couch, where he explained why it took 26 years to get the film released the way he originally intended.

“I was told by Warner Bros. saying they had reconstituted the ending, and I think it was just their decision…so I’m thrilled,” Oz said. “I don’t really know why.”

The original ending of the story when it appeared off-Broadway, was far darker than the ending we saw on the big screen.

“Before digital, with film, we had two previews, one in San Jose and one is Los Angeles,” Oz explained. “And they were incredible until the end – and then it was a disaster. Because Like “Little Shop” on off-Broadway, we killed our two lead characters. Off-Broadway, you can do that. Because [the actors] come out for a bow and you know they’re alive. In movies, they don’t come out for a bow. They’re dead. [The audience] loved those two characters so much, that we had to change the ending. It wouldn’t be release-able otherwise.”

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