NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A new Google app is helping New Yorkers discover some famous wondersin our own backyard.

A couple of days ago, Google unveiled its newest street view technology that allows users to explore underwater locations and world wonders. It’s all part of a platform that uses Google technology to map famous and not-so-famous “wonders of the world.”

The app is called Field Trip and will run on Android devices.

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“Field Trip is like having a local insider along with you, somebody in the know about where you are, whether it’s the history, or the architecture, or the restaurants or some really obscure trivia around you,” said Google Engineer Bill Kilday.

He described Field Trip as having that local friend that always seems to know about where you are and is pointing out something.

“Yesterday I happened by the Roosevelt Hotel, […] and discovered that it was where Wall Street–Gordon Gecko’s famous ‘greed is good’ speech was given.” said Kilday “That’s a hotel that you may have happened past every day but by having the application kind of ping you and let you know, hey, this is where this was film, you sort of stop.”

“Field Trip will sort of learn over time about your interests and will tailor notifications that you get.” he said.

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