Staying true to his cool, calm, and collected persona, Keith Urban is keeping silent for now on what went down between fellow judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey during American Idol auditions in Charlotte, N.C. this week.

As CBS Local has reported, the “production came to a quick halt when both female judges began to fight on set over a contestant’s performance.”

A video of yesterday’s spat clearly shows Minaj shouting at Carey and not holding back on the profanity.

And who’s sitting between the two? It’s poor Keith Urban. He makes what appear to be a few attempts to defuse the situation, including holding up his hands, and then calmly saying something to Nicki (it’s inaudible). However, in the end he can’t do much except stare down at his red coffee cup.

But if you’re afraid Keith will have a hard time keeping his sanity on the set during trying times, worry not, because the guy is made of some pretty strong stuff. As he told Chicago’s US99.5 in an interview last week, “I know how to handle myself.”

So today, instead of saying anything about the much-publicized, profanity-laced spat between the two divas, Keith instead chose to tweet out a simple message that focused on the positive side of the Charlotte auditions. He called the auditions “awesome” and said they had a “lotta” soul, country, and “down home cool.”

The tweet clearly echoes what Keith told US99.5 last week, which is that overall he’s been “amazed at the level of talent” that he and the other judges have been seeing. And that, fireworks on the set or not, he is “blessed” he gets to “do what I do.”

Here’s hoping that Idol auditions don’t get as heated going forward.

– Kurt Wolff, CBS Local

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