Have you ever been to Switzerland? Martina McBride just got back from a trip to the tiny, immensely picturesque European country, where she performed live as part of the Menuhin Festival in Gstaad, Switzerland.

The country superstar was obviously thrilled with the opportunity, and knocked out by what so saw and experienced–so much so, in fact, that she blogged about it each day on her website, and then went on to create a special Martina Moments video to commemorate the trip and share the experience with her fans.

“Switzerland is more beautiful than I could have imagined,” she wrote in her first blog entry after arriving in the town of Gstaad. “I don’t know if pictures or video could ever do it justice.”

She later wrote about visiting the village of Gruyere (home of some of the world’s most delicious cheese)–which, she wrote, “was very exciting for me (you all know how I feel about cheese….).”

And in one final blog post, she talked about how Swiss audiences are “a little more laid back” than country audiences in the U.S. “It’s hard to decide which songs they are familiar with and therefore which songs to put on the set list,” she writes. After the first of her two shows, she notes that they were “very appreciative” and gaver her “ome of the longest applause I’ve had and several ovations.” she also notes that they “love traditional country, so the songs from Timeless went over really well.”

Based on a set list glimpsed in the video, the songs she played during her Swiss appearances included:

Wild Angels
My Baby Loves Me
Whatcha Gonna Do
Teenage Daughters
Safe in the Arms of Love
Rose Garden
You Ain’t Woman Enough
Help Me Make It Through The Night

As she notes, “I think we would be able to do our Timeless tour over here. Which would be awesome since that was one of the most fun (for me) tours I’ve done.”

The festival appearances took place at the tail end of summer in late September. This week, Martina and her team released a new episode of her Martina Moment video series, featuring footage from her trip to Switzerland. The footage includes not only her concerts in Gstaad, but the factory tours, sightseeing, and general beauty of the country that she talked about in her blog entries.

Martina McBride is currently on tour back here in the U.S. this fall, and will be performing her Joy of Christmas program as the holiday nears.

– Nanci Haskin, WYCD/Detroit and Kurt Wolff, CBS Local

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