Craig is so sure that Joe Girardi will move Alex Rodriguez out of the three-spot for tonight’s Game 3 against the Orioles that before Jerry Recco’s first update of the morning, he offered up 10-to-1 odds to anyone who disagreed — but had no takers.

Jerry agreed with Craig. Al Dukes & ‘the’ Eddie Scozzare do not like to place wagers. As for Boomer, he really doesn’t care where A-Rod hits and is just hoping for some entertaining October baseball.

Speaking of entertaining, the aforementioned update maven Jerry Recco was on hand to deliver his first update of the morning, which began with a recap of the Yankees’ interrupted traveling experience coming home from Baltimore.  Boomer suspects O’s manager Buck Showalter may have had something to do with it, citing strategy as a motive.

Then we heard Yanks skipper Joe Girardi talk about where Alex Rodriguez may hit in tonight’s lineup and the pitching matchup between Hiroki Kuroda and 28-year-old rookie starter Miguel Gonzalez.  Before moving on to the rest of the MLB scoreboard, Craig took a shot at Buck’s personality, or lack thereof, before predicting that he will be out of a job in two years.

Plus, the Giants beat the Reds, 2-1, in thee NLDS while the A’s blanked the Tigers, 2-0.  Both teams got their respective series to 2-1.

Rex Ryan had quite a bit to say, telling reporters that he hopes to have Dustin Keller lined up at tight end this Sunday against the Colts. He also said that Mark Sanchez is Gang Green’s quarterback moving forward, and according to ‘Sexy Rexy’ the wildcat is working just fine.

After Jerry finished his Jets report, Craig deduced that the Jets organization has similar traits to that of a cult.

Moving right along, Mark Gastineau delivered a speech at halftime of Sunday night’s game that raised a few eyebrows and reminded Boomer of what a dirty player Gastineau was back in the day…

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