NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Celebrity trainer Noah Neiman joined The Couch to show us the hand walkout exercise, which will give your core a serious workout.

1. Place feet shoulder width apart.
2. Bend at knees and place hands on floor. Proceed to walk hands away from your feet as far as you can using your CORE to control and stabilize your body
3. When you are fully extended to your max outreached position, you lower your base, bending at the elbows to put a bigger strain on the muscle groups of the arms
4. Advanced athletes can proceed to reach one hand outwards towards the ceiling as the opposite side of your body raises the heel up towards the ceiling. You will be reaching up to form a line DIAGONALLY across your body. Then switch hand and heel and repeat.
5. Walk hands back to STARTING position. and either repeat process or add an ADVANCED squat jump to really kick things into high gear…then repeat steps.

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