Park Administrator Says The Damage Appears To Be 'Very Deliberate'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The splendor of nature and tranquility of the forest in an oasis of beauty in a New York City park was violated by someone with a sharp weapon.

Fifteen trees in Pelham Bay Park were butchered with the bark being shaved off, condemning the pin oaks to almost certain death.

Park Administrator Marianne Anderson, who’s worked in Pelham Bay Park for two decades, said she is shocked.

“It looks almost like a hatchet job,” Anderson told CBS 2’s Steve Langford on Thursday. “It seems very deliberate like someone knew what they were doing.”

So far there are no leads, but the NYPD is on the case.

“Parks enforcement patrol as well and our rangers are out there asking if people if they noticed anything,” Anderson said.

Pelham Bay Park regulars said they are angry.

“This is the only park we have that’s nature, that’s alive,” said Sadie Vargas, of the Bronx.

Some wondered if someone is running around with a hatchet or machete.

“Hopefully he stops and he stops at trees and ends it,” Pelham Bay resident James Post said.

In a city which treasures every bit of nature it can, the sheer slaughter seemed so senseless.

“Trees are a beautiful thing and they’re very important to help us have clean air,” Rich Gans said.

Park officials said the cost of the damage to the trees is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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