It all comes down to this.  Down 2-0 to the Tigers, the Yankees face a stiff test in Detroit tonight in Game 3 of the ALCS.

When you combine the B0mbers’ lack of offensive production throughout the postseason thus far with the fact that the Tigers are handing the ball to arguably the best pitcher in baseball, Justin Verlander (pictured), all signs point to a disappointing night for the Yankees and their fans.

Craig is a Yankee fan this time of year and he is sure not ready to throw in the towel.  He isn’t going out on any limbs and guaranteeing a win, but he his is pretty certain the Yanks will play better.  Craigie expects his ‘AL Manager of the Year,’ Joe Girardi, to pull out all the stops and Robinson Cano to breakout of his 0-26 slump in a big way.

Boomer isn’t opposed to seeing Girardi shake-up his lineup a bit, suggesting he start Brett Gardner in left field and lead him off – moving Ichiro Suzuki to right field, therefore benching the struggling Nick Swisher.

Speaking of benching, after being removed from Game 1 and relegated to the bench, Alex Rodriguez reportedly spent his time riding the pine trying to pick up a couple of women by asking for their phone numbers via an autographed baseball.

This kind of story is right up Craig’s alley, while Boomer just hoped it wasn’t true .

Not to be left out of the open, fresh off their 35-9 pasting of the Colts, Rex Ryan is confident that his Jets are gonna go to New England this Sunday and beat the big, bad Patriots – so he said so.  Craig usually praises Rex for his brashness, but in this case, he said the Jets’ head coach couldn’t be more far off.  Translation, Craig believes Gang Green is going to catch a beatin’ in Foxboro…

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