Tom Coughlin and the Giants have been preparing all week to ‘welcome‘ the Washington Redskins to town this Sunday, but it doesn’t sound as if Jason Pierre-Paul is part of the welcoming committee.

The Giants defensive end, who is known in many circles as simply JPP, issued a stern warning to Redskins rookie QB Robert Griffin III (known in many of those same aforementioned circles as RGII) warning him not to run to his side — or else.

From there we heard about Craig’s 25 minutes on the elliptical, which is a stationary exercise machine used to simulate stair walking, walking or running — or in Craig’s case, to kill time until his order of Chinese food arrived and watch some of Rex Ryan’s theatrical debut in Adam Sandler’s movie ‘That’s My Boy.’

Craig then shared with us what his workout routine generally consists of before complaining of a stiff neck, claiming the injury stems from all of the ‘snatching and jerking’ he did yesterday afternoon.

Thanks to Boomer, we eventually learned the truth about the root of Craig’s ailment…

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