Coming back from the first break, Craig reiterated what he said in today’s show open, which is that the Giants are on their way back to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row. He then turned it over to Jerry Recco, who followed up Craig’s declaration with a preview of this Sunday’s Giants-Cowboys game.

Keeping the prognostication theme going, Craig interrupted Jerry in order to forecast that Big Blue will roll the Cowboys in Dallas.

After that we heard from Brian Cashman, as he made it clear who had the final say on Alex Rodriguez’s benching during the ALCS, Ozzie Guillen got fired after just one year as the Florida Marlins’ manager, and Craig would like to see the Mets hire him in some capacity.

Speaking of the Mets, Craig wondered aloud about the well-being of Fred and Jeff Wilpon, having not heard as much of a peep from the Mets’ owners since their season concluded.

Plus, with the Knicks preparing to play the Nets in Brooklyn tonight  — wrapping-up the preseason portion of their schedule — Craig spent a couple of minutes talking about his beloved Knickerbockers and what might lie ahead for them in the 2012-13 season.

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