After spending a good majority of yesterday afternoon crunching numbers, Craig entered the Allstate Studio early this morning prepared to share his findings and turn it into a radio show, which he did.

According to Craig, if the New York Giants — currently sitting at 5-2 — do not finish the regular season with a record of at least 12-4 and parlay that into another trip to the NFC championship game, well then this season will be a failure, barring any major injury of course.

Boomer was trying to figure out where his radio partner was going with his praise for Big Blue, but Craig made it perfectly clear that he is just calling it as he sees it after an afternoon of number crunching.

A while back when Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria became an item, Craig called that as he saw it, and predicted that the relationship wouldn’t last.  Well if you believe the reports circulating today, the two have called it splits, in turn making Craig correct in his prediction.

In addition to all of that, tonight the Tigers and the Giants will kick off the 2012 World Series in San Francisco.  With Justin Verlander on the hill, Craig likes the Tigers and the over — for those of you who like to wager on sporting events.

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