Ethical Or Not, Companies Are Out There That Will Get You Out Of Anything

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Need an excuse to avoid visiting family? How about a reason to call in sick? Maybe you need to pretend you’re somewhere that you’re not?

As CBS 2’s Chris Wragge reported Thursday, now you can buy a customized cover-up for any scenario, an affair, and more.

How much would you pay to “buy an alibi?”

Who hasn’t been there?

CBS 2’s Wragge recently made a phone call to company that specializes in this commodity.

“I was referred through a friend and basically I’m in a bind. I need an alibi and I heard that’s what you guys specialize in. We can do something an alibi, a cover story,” Wragge said.

This growing business of buying lies is booming — and just a phone call away.

Wragge spoke to one of at least a half dozen companies that sell “customized cover ups” to get you out of an event you don’t want to attend, land you a day off when you don’t have any more vacation days and their most popular request — cover up an affair when your spouse is getting suspicious.

“Some of them are even willing to set up totally false scenarios with regard to a person’s presence,” said Dr. Joseph Chuman, leader of the Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County, N.J.

From phony doctors’ notes and bogus jury summonses to made-up business trip itineraries and even fake plane tickets, you can buy a legitimate looking excuse for just about any imagined scenario.

Wragge spoke to several everyday citizens who were stunned to learn such a business is out there.

“I had no idea that even existed,” one person said.

“Being in college, that probably could come in handy,” another said.

“I guess there is a market for everything,” another added.

And that’s not all. For a price you can even go so far as to recreate your past, giving yourself a totally new employment history, complete with stellar resume and raving references — none of it true, of course – but also none of it traceable.

“Imagine if everyone did that?” Chuman said.

CBS 2’s Wragge reached out to several of the alibi companies, but none of them would appear on camera. All have disclaimers warning not to use their excuses for legal purposes, but Dr. Chuman, an ethics expert, said the subtle message is clear.

“You can get a phony doctor’s note or a phony insurance card clearly that is illegal. They’re fraudulent and to that degree erode the social bond,” Dr. Chuman said.

But marriage and family therapist Dr. Jane Greer said when it comes to covering an affair a well-planned alibi could actually help save a marriage.

“It’s a way to safeguard that person’s marriage,” Dr. Greer said. “Suspending judgment on whether it’s good or it’s bad, it does serve a purpose.”

Purpose or not, most people Wragge spoke to say it’s just not right.

“No, it’s not ethical,” one person said.

“I wouldn’t trust it, I wouldn’t do it,” another said.

“This is kind of atrocious,” another added.

Some of the companies even have phone operators who will field calls from bosses and suspicious spouses. They’ll also place fake emergency phone calls to clients to help them make a quick exit from any situation.

While they’ll provide you with most alibis, the companies will not lie for you in court.

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