Before getting Jerry Recco immersed in the show, Craig wondered if Tim Tebow would enter Sunday’s game against the Dolphins, then proceed to literally elevate 10 feet off the ground to throw the game-winning TD pass…

From there we got to hear what it might sound like if play-by-play man extraordinaire Kevin Harlon were to describe the amazing happening.

After that, Jerry got involved by delivering his first update of the morning, which began with some trash talking from both the Jets and the Dolphins as they prepare to do battle this Sunday at MetLife Stadium.  Craig is calling Sunday’s game a career-saver for Mark Sanchez.

Plus we heard some preview audio from the NFC East showdown between the Giants and Cowboys, CC Sabathia has successful surgery to remove bone spurs from his left-elbow, Brian Cashman paints a cloudy picture in regard to Mariano Rivera’s future and the Tampa Bay Bucs beat the Vikings 35-17 in Minnesota to kick off Week 8 of the NFL season…

LISTEN: Jerry Recco’s Uplifting Update (10/26)

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