During this informative and entertaining update, we got a pretty good idea how dedicated Jerry Recco is, after he shared a story about the lengths he went to in order to put gas in his car yesterday.

Eventually Jerry got around to delivering the information he had prepared, and played some audio of Knicks head coach Mike Woodson talking about tonight’s game against the Heat at MSG.  As is usually the case, Woodson’s voice was accompanied by the musical by Tone Loc — today his song “Wild Thing” was featured.  Craig took the cue and did a little freestyling, which brought a much-needed grin to the face of the Booms.

Plus, LeBron James gets it and Tony Parker hit a game-winner for the Spurs as they beat the Thunder, 88-84, in a rematch of last year’s Western Conference Finals.  Kevin Harlan was on the call for TNT, and just as Parker buried the jumper, Harlan absolutely nailed the call.  With the Lakers off to an 0-2 start, Kobe Bryant was asked to address the criticism, which he did in his own tactful manner…

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