Al Dukes was back at it again this morning, as Boomer & Craig invited the esteemed executive producer of the Morning Extravaganza into the Allstate Studio so he could perform his brand new parody song for this Sunday’s matchup between the Giants and Bengals in Cincinnati.

We call this the ‘giving the people what they want‘ portion of the program.

Al selected a timeless classic from Bob Seger we all know and love.  I’m talking of course about a little ‘Old Time Rock and Roll,’ which Al cleverly rewrote with Giants outspoken defensive back Anrel Rolle in mind.

So sit back, relax and listen to Al sing his little heart out (as only he can) while performing ‘You’re Gonna Have To Deal With Antrel Rolle’ — and a happy football Friday to all…

LISTEN: Al Dukes Performs ‘You’re Gonna Have To Deal With Antrel Rolle’ (11/09)

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