Even after uttering the statement ‘Sucking is what the Jets do,’ Craig says that despite what happens the rest of this season, he believes head coach Rex Ryan deserves at least one more year to prove his worth.

Craig  explained – in detail – why he believes so.

After that Boomer and Craig speculated about what Eli Manning might do with his time off during the Giants’ bye week, referencing Peyton’s younger brother’s antiquing hobby.  Then from there things got a little out of control as Craig spoke authoritatively on the subject of birds, specifically which birds possess feathers on their backside, which according to Craig has something to do with making ink.

As is often the case during segments like this, Craig’s facts were a little off.  According to him, the only ‘flying bird’ that has feathers on it’s butt is a duck.  Eventually ‘The’ Eddie Scozzare chimed-in, but by that point, it was far to late.

Craig summed things up by matter-of-factly referring to a hen as a ‘b—- chicken,’ and we’ll just leave it at that.  You can hear the entire exchange for yourself below…

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