A while back the guys got a call from a man named Butch. And lets just say Butch (pictured, along with Boomer and Craig) made it crystal clear that he knows a thing or two about baseball.

His knowledge on the sport was so vast, in fact, Craig took to referring to him as Butch ‘The Baseball Historian,’ and invited him into the Allstate Studio so that we could meet him and see for ourselves what a ‘baseball historian’ looks like in the flesh.

So after Al Dukes kept a healthy dialogue going with him for about a month in an effort to set up the visit, today Butch made it to Manhattan for his sit-down with Boomer and Craig. Safe to say he did not disappoint, as his encyclopedic memory was put to the test…

LISTEN: Butch ‘The Baseball Historian’ Does Not Disappoint (11/15)

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