RASCAL FLATTS: ALL ACCESS & UNCOVERED DVD is available today and Gary LeVox talks with Detroit station 99.5 WYCD about the DVD documentary, the inner struggles, and something new in the works.

RASCAL FLATTS: ALL ACCESS & UNCOVERED/The Making of Changed and Beyond offers exclusive performance footage, the stories behind the songs, and in-depth personal interviews from the road and inside Jay’s home studio, where the Changed album was produced.

The documentary was featured in limited release around the country earlier this year, and tells the true story of Rascal Flatts.  Gary tells Detroit’s Jack Shell, “We really opened ourselves up, to lettin’ everyone inside of our personal lives and our professional lives, and the ups and downs of our career.”

The band nearly broke up when their label Lyric Street shut their doors, but Gary admits honestly that there have been other times as well. “When you have three creative guys, with strong minds and three different opinions, it’s tough to keep a band together.” All this is revealed in-depth on the All Access & Uncovered/The Making of Changed and Beyond DVD.

Rascal Flatts will appear on Chelsea Lately tonight (November 19, 11 PM ET) to talk about the new DVD and ‘other things.’  When asked if he was nervous to appear on such a racy talk show, known for rather intimate questions, LeVox replied, “This is right up Jay and Joe Don’s alley.  I’ll probably plead the fifth on a bunch (of her questions).” 

The trio has been very busy this past year, with the release of their eight studio album Changed, a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a new baby for Jay DeMarcus, touring and their new restaurant chain project. That’s right, Rascal Flatts American Bar & Grill is in the works with the first set to open in Gary’s home state of Ohio.  Others will follow and New Yorkers will be pleased to know, we heard him drop the word, Manhattan. LeVox says the chain promises great food and music every night! Then the discussion crossed over to what might be on the menu? Perhaps “Patty I Melt’s,” maybe some “Flatt Bread?” We can already imagine the wait to get in!

Hear the rest of Jack’s conversation with Rascal Flatts here, and find out just how many copies of  All Access & Uncovered/The Making of Changed and Beyond, you can fit in your Flatts Fanatic’s stocking this Christmas.

Jack Shell, Nanci Haskin/99.5 WYCD

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