NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Some people have already completed their shopping in preparation for cooking that Thanksgiving Day feast, while others will be waiting until the last minute.

CBS 2’s Steve Langford found two very different scenes Sunday at local markets.

At one Midtown Manhattan grocery store, it seemed that people had given up the roast.

“Oh, I’m not cooking,” one shopper said.

Fresh, plump turkeys were just begging for a home, but these city types were flipping the bird – gastronomically speaking.

“I’m not buying one,” another shopper said.

Manhattanites wait to do their shopping until the day before Thanksgiving, according to the store manager. Still, some simply do not care to talk turkey.

“I’ll make a ham sandwich, probably,” said Manhattan resident Mike Garcia.

But the story was different outside the city, where visions of a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving suddenly came to life.

“Turkey, ham, greens, candied sweet potatoes,” said Tandra Baugh of Englewood, N.J.

Of course, the uninvited guest at the Thanksgiving table this year was someone named Sandy.

“I think it’s sad that there’s still people out there that can’t get a turkey and have no place to bake it in, you know, that’s killing me,” said Gloria Murph of Teaneck, N.J.

It was a tale of two Thanksgivings in the Tri-State area, with the shopper taking a complete turkey dinner to a neighbor in need.

“I’m going to give to somebody all this,” said Foula Ververis of Englewood Cliffs, N.J. “I’m not going to have it. I’m going to donate everything.”

Are you cooking this Thanksgiving, and have you bought everything? Leave a comment below…

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