NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Melissa Francis was on one of the most popular television shows ever, Little House On The Prairie.

She played the roll of Cassandra Cooper Ingalls on the show, alongside co-stars Micahel Landon and Melissa Gilbert.

But Francis’ life at home was anything but idyllic.

In her new book, Diary of s Stage Mother’s Daughter, Francis gives readers some insight in to the family drama she dealt with at a very young age.

“I had the Hollywood version of a ‘tiger mom,’ she said. “Nothing we ever did was good enough – whether it was school or it was ice skating or it was acting – and now that I’m a parent, I really see from my own example that for some kids, that can drive them to success, and achievement.”

But for others, it works the opposite way.

“I grew up on Little House On The Prairie, I always got straight As. I was set up to achieve. But for my sister, it was incredibly destructive. When she couldn’t live up to those ideals and those expectations, she started her life very young, feeling terrible about herself.”

Francis writes about her mother’s effect on her sister’s downward spiral.

“When I see people embracing that type of parenting, I want to warn them, it can be successful, I guess. But it can also kill,” she said.

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