There Are Ways To Use Everything, Including Technology, To Your Advantage

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — If you are planning to take advantage of the Black Friday shopping deals, experts said there is a right way to go about checking items off your list.

Some dedicated shoppers said they plan to hit the stores bright and early, with a plan in place.

Richard Jones said he checks prices days before the big rush and remembers to keep calm amid the crowds.

“If an old lady bumps up against me I just step to her side and let her go get her product and keep it moving, that’s it,” he told CBS 2’s Cindy Hsu on Wednesday.

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Jackie Orticelli said she hits the stores at 4 a.m., but not before doing her research online. Her tactic is to divide and conquer to get the holiday gifts purchased.

“I would probably go for the clothes first. My fiancé maybe is going to do the electronics first I would say. So I would say split up, don’t try to stick together, cover your ground,” Orticelli told CBS 2’s Hsu.

Other shopping veterans don’t even wait until Friday; they hit the stores right after Thanksgiving dinner.

“We got there I think around 10 p.m. last year at Target and we were in line for about two hours and then they let us in at midnight,” Sheryl Carrozza told Hsu.

Long-time Walmart employee Elizabeth Rodriguez had an insider’s perspective on how to score the best deals and make it out of the store unscathed.

“Come with patience. Number two, look at the circular,” Rodriguez advised.

Shopping experts recommend circling the items you want in the circular, then numbering the items in the order you will find them in the store.

And consumer experts also recommend using technology to your advantage to locate the best deals.

“Arm your smartphone with money-saving apps,” Andrea Woroch told Hsu.

Woroch recommends free apps like Coupon Sherpa and Red Laser to aid in saving big.

If you’re not prepared to brave the crowds on Friday, retail experts said the sales will continue, especially around Dec. 17, the week before Christmas.

Will you brave the crowds in search of deals on Black Friday? Share your comments below…

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