NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) –– A lot of people who have hopped on a pedicab in New York City have been taken for a ride — literally.

Some have recounted horror stories about drivers flashing a tiny card full of hard-to-understand numbers resulting in tourists paying $80 for a ride lasting a few blocks.

That is why the City Council is set to approve a measure this week aimed at eliminating the confusion and keeping unwitting customers from being taken advantage of.

1010 WINS’ John Montone Reports

While the current law allows drivers to set their own prices, they are required to disclose that price on clearly posted signs.

That law, however, hasn’t always been followed.

Some drivers have used confusing rate formulas and tiny fonts to hoodwink passengers.

John Montone, of 1010 WINS, spoke with a taxi driver whose passenger told him she was charged $400 for a pedicab ride.

“I told the passenger, ‘You are stupid.’ You come to New York, how are you going to pay somebody $400 to just, go where? You’re not flying to your country. That’s crazy, you know what I’m sayin’?” the taxi driver said.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb On The Story

In August, a Texas family visiting New York was charged more than $440 for a 12-minute pedicab ride.

The family reportedly went 14 blocks. That works out to more than $31 per block.

Drivers are allowed to set their own prices, but most charge about $2 or $3 per block.

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