Boomer & Craig were having some fun talking about a zebra and a pony that were on the loose on Staten Island yesterda. The zebra, as a matter of fact, was illegally owned. Apparently you can’t own a zebra without a license. Who knew?!?!

Well, as you can probably imagine, the conversation took all sorts of unusual twists and turns.

At one point Boomer said that he would have no problem choking out a chicken if it meant feeding his dog Buckley

And as far as filling his own belly??  The Booms took it a step further by matter-of-factly saying that — if put in a crisis situation — he would gladly gut Al Dukes like a fish in order to keep warm. And it’s likely that he would eventually cannibalize the parody-song wizard to survive.  So there’s that…

LISTEN: Boomer Would Gladly Choke A Chicken & Eat Al Dukes (11/29)

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