Now that the holidays are here, chances are you want to take your workout to the next level so you can battle the bulge.

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Bahar Takhtehchian, Editor-at-Large at SHAPE, hit The Couch to show us some cutting edge gadgets that can boost your performance and help you break a sweat safely.

Cerevellum Hindsight 35

This is the ideal gadget for cyclists. You attach the screen onto your handlebars and put the camera below your seat. As you’re riding your bike, it streams images to the view finder so you can see approaching cars, pedestrians, and cyclists. On top of keeping you safe, it also tracks your mileage and speed.

Velocomp iBike Powerhouse Cycling fitness system

Love outdoor cycling or training for a long ride? Look no further. Think of this as a personal trainer or spin instructor. You’ll need an iPhone or iPhone Touch and a bike in order to use this gadget. Simply mount the gadget onto your handlebars. The iBike gives you the option of using one of six customized routines. This means you will always have a guide to follow and your workouts will never be stale. You can use this fitness system to track speed, cadence, and calories burned as you pedal along to one of six customized routines.

Best Buy

If you like to film yourself while you’re skiing, surfing, or hiding, this is the camera for you. You can clip it onto a helmet or backpack or even on the top of your ski pole. That way you can record every awe-inspiring (or nail-biting) moment of your hike, climb, or trail run.

Cardo BK-1 Bluetooth

Have you ever gone skiing with a friend or family member and lost track of them? Thanks to this gadget, you can kiss those lost moments goodbye. Think of this gadget as a Walkie Talkie system. You can attach this onto your helmet and then talk to your friend or spouse (while you’re skiing) up to a quarter mile.

CordCruncher Earbud Headphones

Working out with music is essential, but sometimes the earphone cords can be unwieldy and they can hamper your performance. These headphone don’t tangle, so they’re mess free. They also stretch out to 3 feet and can be easily retracted as needed. You can also store them easily when you’re done breaking a sweat.

RumbaTime Perry Go watch

This is a watch that does more than tell time. It contains a mini chip that syncs with your credit card. This way, you can go to the store after a long run and buy water or a snack, all with a flash of your watch! You don’t have to bring a wallet or cash. The strap is washable so it will stay fresh-smelling.

Pyle Audio company
The waterproof, rechargeable Pyle
4GB MP3 player ($70;
clips to your goggles or bathing suit
so you can listen to your favorite
get-pumped playlist (it stores up to
1,000 songs) while you swim.

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