NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Celebrity trainer Will Torres hit The Couch to give Carolina fitness tips for the holidays. He also showed us specific exercises to stay slender through the season.

Some of Will’s tips:

1. Hit the gym or go for a run before dinner. This will boost your metabolism and keep you focused to eat less throughout the night. Always easier to eat less when your body is feeling good and the endorphins are flowing.
2. Make sure to eat breakfast and lunch. Don’t skip meals on Turkey Day – the longer you go without eating the hungrier you get and will make bad choices at the feast.
3. Chew your food. Digestion starts in the mouth. The more you chew your food the better you break-it down and your stomach doesn’t have to work as hard trying to digest. Aim for chewing each bite 20 times before you swallow.
4. Hydrate. If you’re drinking alcohol throughout the night be conscious that most people eat 20% more food when drinking. Try and have one glass of water after each cocktail or glass of wine.
5. Fill up on greens. Have a salad before the main course and fill up your plate with veggies next to that turkey.
6. Do not go back for second helpings. Avoid the dreaded food coma from overeating.
7. Tea time. Have a cup of green or herbal tea after dinner. This signals to the brain that the meal is over.
8. Walk it off. Go for a walk after dinner.
9. Practice Push-Aways. When dessert comes take a bite or two, then push the plate away and step away from the table.

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