Residents Complain Of Coughing, Dizziness After Overwhelming Oil Smell

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Residents of a luxury apartment building overlooking Battery Park said the smell of gas, malfunctioning elevators and a lack of heat in some units has made the place unlivable.

Dozens of tenants of Ocean 1 West, a 500-unit, 37-story building owned by the Moinian Group, are trying to break their lease after the flurry of problems they have encountered following Superstorm Sandy.

The building’s management team continues to insist there is nothing toxic at the building and contend they are doing their best to get everything cleaned up following the hurricane.

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck Reports

However, the fumes have been causing coughs and dizziness for some, while other tenants have not had heat working in their apartments, 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reported.

As Hazmat teams continue to work outside with the smell of oil filling the air, one tenant, who pays $3,600 a month on the 33rd floor told 1010 WINS’ Schuck his experience.

“It smells like a gas station like walking out of my bedroom every day,” he said. “If I had a kid, if I was old, I would really be very concerned. I have asthma.”

While about 10 percent of the building’s tenants are trying to break their lease, he said he is considering legal options, but will stay.

That tenant said he prefers other remedies.

“I think that we can end up being able to stay in the place for much cheaper than we are if we stick with it, you know?” he said.

A woman named “Angela,” who lives on the 33rd floor, said she is going to try and stick it out.

“There looks like there is five elevators to use. Usually two of them work. When I first got back, it smelled like oil to me,” she said.

The building’s management said air tests have revealed there is nothing to worry about and insist only a small, but outspoken group is leading the charge to break leases.

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