With the news that Ichiro Suzuki has elected to re-up with the Yanks for at least another year (maybe more), we got to hear a snippet of Jerry Recco’s memorable Ichiro home run call — which is always awesome.

Now with Kevin Youkilis in the fold, it was Al Dukes who decided to try his hand in the play-by-play game, and he offered up an idea for what a Youk home run call might sound like.  As it turns out, Al probably should have kept it to himself. But at least he tried.

Then we got a call from a gal named Ebony, who thanked Boomer and Craig for getting her through the morning commute and helping her deal with all of the — um , people — she encounters in traffic each morning…

LISTEN: Ichiro Plus Youkilis Plus Suzyn Equals Hilarity (12/12)

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