NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On Friday night, Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant hit the court with “Newtown CT” on his sneakers to honor the victims of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“I’ve got family members that young. Just to see kids that really couldn’t do nothing for themselves, couldn’t protect themselves and for their lives to be taken away and for their parents to go through stuff like that, that’s the least I could do,” said Durant.

“I wish I could do more. But it hit me really hard. It’s tough to see, especially kids that couldn’t do anything for themselves. Words can’t even describe it. I’m kind of at a loss for words right now.”


Many athletes took to Twitter to express their condolences and offer their thoughts as news of the tragedy was unfolding:

Deron Williams: “My prayers go out to all the victims and their families of the shooting this am in CT. Makes me sick to my stomach.”

Kyle Okposo: “Things need to change. I don’t know where to start, but I hope and pray that compassion and love find a lasting place in everyones hearts.”

Henrik Lundqvist: “The tragedy in Newton makes me feel sick to my stomach. Thoughts go out to all the families impacted by this.”

Santonio Holmes: “Tragedy has struck again, the world we live in 2012 the end is not happening!!!”

LeBron James: “This is really messing with my mind. Kids is everything to me! And of course i have 2 of my own in elementary school as well. I can’t … imagine it happening to my kids school. I and the rest of the families would be devastated! Something has to be done. Land of the free, BS!”

Nick Swisher: “I’m heartbroken for the victims and families of the shooting in Connecticut. My thoughts and prayers are with you.”

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