NEWARK,NJ(CBSNewYork) — The Transportation Security Administration will be exercising extra levels of vigilance this holiday season.

As the holidays approach an increase in passengers could also mean a greater chance for a terrorist attack, especially against an airplane, according to the TSA.

It was Christmas day in 2009 when the convicted “Underwear Bomber” attempted to blow up a Northwest Airlines flight and the TSA will be on the lookout for copycats.

The AAA auto club has estimated that 5.4-million people will fly between December 22 and New Year’s Day, representing a 4.5-percent increase from last holiday season. 1010 WINS reporter Gary Baumgarten was at Newark Airport, where he was able to speak to some of those travelers about their feelings about a potential holiday terror plot.

1010 WINS Reporter Gary Baumgarten reports…

“It hasn’t raised my anxiety. It’s the holiday season, it’s family time,” a man named Jim said.

Others were not as confident.

“Well I actually just saw my fiancée off. I’m just a little anxious because the holidays are some of the most dangerous times,” Damien said.

And Caroline said that the potential for an attack is always on her mind.

“I’m always concerned about security,” she explained.

The TSA is responding to the increased threat with a multi-layered security plan that includes fully staffed checkpoints and baggage rooms.

“Each one of these layers alone is capable of stopping a terrorist attack,” explained TSA Spokesman Lisa Farbstein told The Hill.

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