NEW YORK (WLNY) — Acclaimed filmmaker Roman Coppola has a full plate right now.

He’ll find out on Thursday if he gets an Oscar nomination for co-writing “Moonrise Kingdom.” He also has a new independent movie coming.

He joined us on Wednesday to chat about the new film starring Charlie Sheen, “A Glimpse Into the Mind of Charles Swan III.”

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“It’s a story of a character, played by Charlie Sheen, who gets dumped by his girlfriend, and he’s trying to deal with it and come to understand it, in sort of a kaleidoscopic portrait of a guy deal with a breakup and reassessing his life,” Coppola said.

Bill Murray also as a starring role in the film, along with Coppola’s cousin, Jason Schwartzman.

Calling the movie “playful,” Coppola said he had a great time making his latest picture.

“It was a blast, everyone was so supportive,” he said. “I just feel so lucky that it all worked out.”

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