Boomer and Craig had two ‘hot topics’ on the table for Thursday’s open. They tackled both of them and then some.

First up on the docket was the uproar following the news yesterday that the righteous baseball writers did not vote anyone to the Baseball Hall of Fame for the 2013 class, marking the first time this has happened since 1996.  The subject as a whole makes Craig sleepy, but he and Boomer gave it the attention it warranted before moving onto the the Knicks, who will be without the services of Carmelo Anthony tonight when they take on the Pacers in Indiana.

Carmelo was suspended one game and handed a $176,000 fine for his actions following the Knicks loss to the Celtics Monday night at the Garden. After getting into it with Kevin Garnett during the game, Melo continued to pursue KG well after the final horn sounded.  Craig is outraged, while Boomer is left scratching his head over the decision.

In addition to all of that, the Jets’ search for a GM continues, a big shakeup for the board game Monopoly, and Craig’s take on Mike Piazza and the Hall of Fame will surely not sit well with Mets fans…

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