Jerry Recco was hired to the morning show staff to provide updates a couple times an hour, a role that comes natural to the radio veteran.  In addition to providing entertaining and mostly accurate updates, Jerry tends to bring out something in the Dynamic Radio Duo, also known as Boomer and Craig.

During his first visit to the Allstate Studio, Jerry provided a well-prepared update. He was also an integral part of a conversation about Monopoly game pieces and other popular board games.

Plus, we learned that Craig does not like milk, Carmelo Anthony has been suspended for one game by the NBA, and Amar’e Stoudemire will have his minutes reduced beginning tonight in Indiana. Jerry is pretty smart – especially when it comes to predicting who will or will not get in the Baseball Hall of Fame, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig reacts to the vote as you would think he would, NHL deal ratified by owners, Craig’s popcorn conflict with Bill Polian, Ray Lewis doesn’t like all the attention Peyton Manning is receiving, Bill Belichick tells us what it takes to win, and finally, Craig pays homage to the legendary Steve Somers…

LISTEN: Monopoly Pieces, Milky Cereal, Steve Somers & More (01/10)

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