Coming back from a break, the guys took a call from a listener who wanted to talk about Derek Jeter’s latest love interest, Hannah Davis (pictured — Helloooo!) .  Despite the lovely Miss Davis not being the topic at hand, Craig was somehow able to make an exception and convinced Boomer to do the same.

Jerry Recco was up next, as he was set to deliver his first update of the morning, which began with the story of Lance Armstrong’s admittance to ‘blood doping’ during his decorated cycling career, but was quickly ‘hijacked’ by WFAN’s own Richard Neer.

Neer ‘the shock-jock’ was heard on the station during the overnight documenting Babe Ruth’s apparent attempts at cheating.  According to Neer, The Babe feasted on ground-up goat testicles with hopes of ‘enhancing’ his performance.’

While Neer’s claim may have ‘literally’ made Boomer’s daughter Sydney ‘throw up in her mouth,’ it gave Craig a craving.

Moving right along to the Knicks, who are traveling to London to take on the Pistons this Thursday while their owner James Dolan is playing ‘spy games.’  Finally the Jets are still without a GM, but continue their search for an offensive coordinator…

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