DANBURY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – In the wake of the Newtown massacre, gun protesters on Tuesday took their message to a Walmart not far from Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Though staffers at the Danbury Walmart said guns are not sold there, protesters took aim at the major national gun seller.

According to organizers, nearly 300,000 signatures are on a petition presented in a large box to store manager John Ruggieri.

“You have to join us in this effort. You have to be a willing partner and participant to help stop the gun violence,” said Laurie Haas, whose daughter Emily survived the Virginia Tech shooting.

“I will get this to the people that will be willing to understand your issues and go forward from there,” Ruggieri said.

“Our communities deserve to be safe from gun violence and we want Walmart to partner with us,” Haas said.

“I’m with everybody in the community. I promise,” Ruggieri said.

About 50 protesters were on hand to say it’s all about access to weapons that Haas called “military style people killers.” They seemed grateful to Ruggieri for being willing to take their petition to his bosses.

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