MEDFORD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Many of us had crushes on one TV star or another growing up, but a Long Island girl has taken her affection for “Hawaii Five-0” star Scott Caan to a new level.

As CBS 2’s Don Dahler reported, the hit CBS series is filmed 5,000 miles away from Medford, Long Island. But that has not stopped the Best family from becoming fans. Nandra Best, 16, is especially fond of Caan.

“I just find him so interesting; he’s, like, so funny,” Nandra said.

So to celebrate Caan’s birthday, she decided to post a video to You Tube.

“Since I’m like, in love with Scott Caan, I just had to write a song for him,” Nandra said in introducing the video. “I’m not the greatest singer, but here goes.”

The song goes: “I turned on CBS 2, Monday around 9:02, and I said, ‘OMG! Who is that gorgeous guy?’ I turned to my mom, and she said, ‘His name is Scott Andrew Caan.’ I said, ‘Oh gosh, he’s the bomb!” She said his dad is James Caan.”

The video quickly went viral, racking up thousands of hits.

“She just took the reins and just went with it, because I had no idea they were doing any of this,” said her mother, Karen Noel-Best.

Little sister Krissy shot the video.

“I cannot believe it’s gotten this much of a reaction,” she said.

And guess who one of the viewers was. A reporter in Hawaii asked Caan if he’d seen the video.

“I did. It was great,” Caan said. “I think we should come get her on the show or something.”

Now, that may not have sounded like he would actually pick up the phone and call his producers, and tell them to “book her, Dano.” But for a 16-year-old, even the slimmest, slightest, tiniest possibility that she might meet her idol elicited an exuberant response.

“Oh my God!” Nandra screamed. “He said he loves me! He said he loves me”

Nandra’s mom has had some follow-up conversations with the show, but nothing is set up yet.

“I think it’s a possibility, and I really hope it is going to happen,” Noel-Best said.

But until that happens, Nandra is happy to keep singing about, and watching, her hero.

Nandra, of course, hopes to be an actress and dancer someday. She thinks if she does get a walk-on role on “Hawaii Five-0,” maybe it should be as Scott Caan’s sidekick.

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