Apparently today is ‘National Pie Day.’

Who knew?!

Well, coming back from break, Craig found a fresh cherry pie sitting in front of him, so he grabbed his pair of scissors and dug in.  Al Dukes was not happy that Craig chose to use his scissors as an eating utensil, while Michelle Beadle (who was filling in for Boomer) took issue with Craig’s loud chewing.

From there we learned that not only loud chewing bothers Ms. Beadle, she also despises loud, public displays of affection — which would be audible kissing, for lack of a better term – something Jerry Recco has never experienced.

Al Dukes pointed out that while watching ‘The Bachelor’ reality TV show, he noticed that the ‘Bachelor’ is a loud kisser and often participates in activities that involve not wearing a shirt — so there’s that…

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