NEW YORK (WLNY) — Home fitness is big business in this country.

We’ve seen commercials for everything from the Thigh Master to the Ab Wheel – but which products are worth your money?

Fitness expert Larysa DiDio visited The Couch to give us her list of what to buy and what to skip to get your body in shape.

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Shake Weight — It claims to tone your upper body and burn calories, and although shaking anything vigorously will raise your heart rate, the position it puts your arms in puts excessive strain on your neck and traps. There are more effective and efficient ways to tone your body in a more balanced manner.

Ab Rocket — This product claims to tone your belly and sides in five minutes a day. The resistance is jarring and uneven, and does little more than strain your back while you push. The low calorie diet it comes with will do more for your midsection than the Ab Rocket.


Bally Thigh Toner — Studies have proven that spot reduction does not work and the only way to shed body fat is to increase muscle mass and burn calories through cardiovascular training. If you use the thigh toner to strengthen your inner thighs, that’s great. But it won’t get rid on excess fat on your upper legs.

Ab Belt by Sport Elec —  This product promises to build a six pack while you sit by delivering electrical stimulation to your muscles. E stem is used to rehab muscles by bringing blood flow to the area and has never been successful at toning muscles. It’s a complete dud.

Ab Roller — One of the best “As Seen on TV” abdominal pieces of equipment available. It encourages good form, supports your head and works your abdominal muscles during the negative phase of a repetition.

Body By Jake Tower Express — Turns any door into a total workout by delivering 130 lbs of resistance through rubber cording. Offers an unlimited amount of exercises and great instruction.

Ab Wheel — This is an oldie but a goodie..but is only appropriate for those who are intermediate or advanced. You essentially pull your body weight against gravity using your core muscles.

Bender Ball — The ball is a ball but what makes this product great is the program that goes along with it. I believe that Pilates offers the best core exercises for people of all levels and this is a must have for everyone.

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