NEW YORK (WLNY) — In an interesting twist of fate, former Mayor Ed Koch passed away on the same day as the documentary about his time in office is released to theaters.

Neal Barsky, the filmmaker behind the documentary “Koch” joined The Couch by phone to tell us what it was like to work with the beloved New York City Mayor.

“He was relevant right to the end,” Barsky said of the beloved New York City mayor. “He was pursued by politicians, his endorsements mattered, he had a TV show, he had a radio show, he had a newspaper column. He worked, pretty much, til the day he checked into the hospital.”

His contributions to the Big Apple, Barsky said, went beyond his famed personality.

“He certainly restored the moral of the city when the city was on the ropes,” the filmmaker said. “I think he was more than just schtick. If you look past his personality, which was clearly larger than life, he left us with a lot of important legacies with respect to policies.”

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