After releasing Michael Boley, the New York football Giants continued to forge ahead with their cost-cutting ways on Wednesday as they parted ways with Ahmad Bradshaw and Chris Canty.

Boomer and Craig opened up this Thursday edition of the Morning Extravaganza talking about the admirable way the Giants conduct their business and wondered what other moves might be forthcoming.

Speaking of admiration, as if we didn’t revere Boomer enough, after hearing him utter his first words of the day it was clear the Blonde Bomber was far from 100 percent as far as his health was concerned, but our fearless leader wasn’t about to let that stop him from performing his duties.  So the Booms nestled in next to his radio partner and the two of them did their thing as only they can.

The guys discussed the Giants at length, pointing out the vast difference between Big Blue and their MetLife Stadium buddy Jets, who have not yet severed ties with Tim Tebow.  Then it was on to the Knicks, as they fell to the Wizards in Washington 106-96 and looked bad doing so.  Despite obvious concerns, the boys aren’t overreacting (just yet).

We also got some insight to how tonight’s staff dinner at Mohegan Sun might go, as a reservation for 14 was made in Craig’s name…

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