Throughout Jerry Recco’s first update of the morning, both Boomer and Craig seemed a little preoccupied with the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. Boomer suggested McDonald’s introduce a Valentine-themed shake to compliment Craig’s favorite ‘Shamrock shake.’

Jerry did his best to get us all up to speed on the happenings around the sports world — Nets win 89-84 in OT over the Pacers in Indiana, the Eagles re-sign Michael Vick to compete for the starting job in Philadelphia, and the Islanders get clobbered by the Hurricanes, 6-4 at the Coliseum — but was really challenged by the Dynamic Duo’s lack of focus.

With the ‘golden arches’ on his mind, Boomer suggested treating one’s date to a meal at McDonald’s, shoving a Big Mac down their throat.  Yes, that suggestion was made by Boomer, not Craig.

Not to be outdone though, Craig shared a couple of tips to make the romantic day more special – which happened to coincide with smoking pot and listening to the Beastie Boys  at White Castle when he was much younger…

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