The Maggios Of Brookhaven Went From Despair To Elation With 3 Baby Boys

MANHASSET, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Their parents call them unexpected little miracles – triplets, so healthy and strong, just days old.

All three may be released from the hospital with their mother on Saturday, CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan reported.

The odds were against the Maggio trio. Their parents had been trying to conceive for more than four years, using medicines and in vitro fertilization, followed by multiple miscarriages.

Almost 39 years old, Susanne Maggio said she was giving up. The couple was in the process of turning to adoption, when they got unexpected, stunning news.

“Our last chance that we were given, at our sonogram, we were told we were having three babies. It’s just been a journey ever since. It’s a miracle, it really is,” she said.

The incredible journey included evacuating their home in the town of Brookhaven just before last weekend’s heavy snow buried their street. Doctors made initial predictions that the triplets would come weeks prematurely, But Susanne had made it nearly full term.

The three fraternal siblings were born healthy and strong. Their father, Joseph, is a chef and he’s already planning gourmet triplet meals.

“I’m looking forward to also making them all their fresh food, carrots and purees, peaches, peas,” Joseph Maggio said.

Until he met Susanne, Joseph was a single father raising a daughter.

“That’s my pride and joy right here, my 14-year-old, and to have three more … it’s just a blessing. And my wife, the backbone of the family,” he said.

“To have a little miracle, a beautiful joy, amazing story come out of a day, take it, treasure and enjoy it, because, you know what? Miracles do happen,” he added.

Joseph Maggio is a volunteer softball coach in Nesconset. With the new additions, he said he has a future co-ed “infield” in the making. Susanne Maggio is the leader of a kiddie daycare in Nesconset, and said she’s lucky because she’ll be able to take her triplets to work.

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