It’s almost that time of year, when we all become Irish for a day… or for a month in some people’s cases.

Everyone’s favorite fast food chain, McDonalds, has their signature Shamrock Shake… a green milkshake. Craig’s son, Sonny, went to the dentist the other day and Cragie wanted to treat him to a nice delicious shake. Unfortunately for the Cartons, McDonalds does not serve this delicious treat all day long. What is up with that?

Craig did not sit there and sulk. Luckily he can think on his feet, so he jumped in his boogie automobile and headed over to Friendly’s for a Fribble… come get some! Good parenting by Craig Carton.

On the subject of the McDonald’s menu, Al Dukes brought up the McFish, which is basically a chicken nugget… without the chicken. Craig has never ever heard of this item. However, he does recall the filet of fish. Did you know Boomer’s friend invented it? Well, now you do!

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